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STRAW HATS & BAGS eco-friendly (Thailand)

Thailand handicrafts of straw hats and bags high grade and offer in 37 colors. Perfect for high-end boutique and good durable straw hats and bags. Our straw hats and bags are natural material straw and Eco-friendly. Our group provides work to local villages and we do not bargain (that’s is our way of “fair trade” for we are among them for we aimed at their income off “rice growing season” and at the same time clean up water of growing hyacinth which polluted by reduce the oxygen. Straw creations was very antique ideas of using material from nature wisely


  • Sisal Straw

  • Bulrush Straw

  • Hyacinth Straw


beach floppy hat
make straw hat 2
make straw hat 3
make straw hat 4
make straw hat 5
make straw hat 6
make straw hat 1
straw bag
cute bowler straw hat1
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