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Thai desserts Mae Oey is established Since 2003 and we supply bakery products, cereal & fruit pastes for major and chain bakery as well as bakery manufacturing with fruits filled. Our Thai Dessert bean cake famous for its rich taste, natural ingredient and AROMA.



  • Thai Cereal & fruit Cake 30,000 Pcs/day

  • Ceremony Dessert mooncake 50,000 pcs/day 

  • Thai Dessert in Coconut Cream 5,000 Packs/Day. 

  • Pastes from Cereal and Fruit 3,000 KGS/Day. 

  • Thai Ready Meals 5,000 Packs/Day

Product Range 


  • Sticker rice with coconut milk banana leafs

  • Ceremony Dessert mooncake

  • Thai bean cake

  • Thai dessert in coconut milk (ready to eat)

  • Thai curry (ready to eat)

  • Thai mini cute cartoon animal fruits and bean cake

  • Thai dessert in gift pack, retail pack

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